Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare

Integrative Pediatric Primary Care


 Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare is an integrative pediatric primary care practice located in Lindenhurst, NY. The primary care provider is  Julie DeVuono, a pediatric nurse practitioner. Click 'About' and 'Services' tabs above to learn about Julie, as well as the personalized services we have for you and your family!


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Office Address:

459 South Wellwood Ave.

Lindenhurst, NY 11757


Featured as a regular guest on Channel 12's "Long Island Naturally" with Mary Mucci.



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Named by Dr. Sears as a

"Vaccine Flexible Friendly Practice"


Vaccines are "Yes, No, or going  Slow", its the parents' perogative.

Naturopathic vaccine nosodes are available to be taken before and after vaccination to minimize side effects and prevent absorption of toxins from ancillary vaccine ingredients.